Google’s Chrome Laptops to Go on Sale in June

Jonathan Fickies/Bloomberg NewsSelling Chromebooks is Google’s biggest push yet into taking on Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating systems.

Selling Chromebooks is Google’s biggest push yet into taking on Microsoft’s and Apple’s operating systems.

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SAN FRANCISCO — Google took another swipe at Microsoft on Wednesday when it introduced a new kind of computer called a Chromebook, which stores everything online.

Google hopes that the devices, which it says will eliminate the need for software updates and hard drive backups and will boot up within eight seconds, will replace PCs running Microsoft’s Windows software in offices and homes around the world.

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Greener computing.

Cloud Computing is more environmentally friendly.  I believe it is a greener solution than the widely used client-server model.  There isn’t an official means to prove this, yet there is evidence to support it, such as this study done by Microsoft and Accenture.

Most companies with large data-centers have been reducing the number of physical servers in favor of virtualization.  It saves them money.  Virtualization allows for the consolidation of OS (operating system) instances and fewer physical machines.  Fewer physical machines require less cooling and power therefore reducing carbon dioxide emissions and conserving energy.
Companies moving to the Cloud  also reduce the number of servers they are required to maintain.  Less servers = less power.  Less power = less energy is required to the run business.

Cloud Computing allows for more universal access to data.  Employers and employees can access their data from almost anywhere.  Traveling to the office becomes less frequent.  Some workers may work from home exclusively.  That means there are less cars on the road and less CO2 emissions.  To take it a step further some companies may choose to reduce the amount of office space they occupy and opt for office sharing.

With the potential of less office space used, less cars on the road and the elimination of physical servers you can see why I believe that Cloud Computing is greener.  If stewarding this beautiful planet matters to you, like it does to us, then take a serious look at Cloud Computing technologies for your business.  Please contact us for a FREE evaluation to see if your business can take advantage of greener computing.

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Mac OS usage share in decline

Apple marketed its operating system software a...
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When I look through NetMarketShare’s monthly reports of web usages, rather than concentrate on the numbers, I tend to look at the overall trends. The numbers are susceptible to all kinds of influences and anomalies, and I don’t have the time, energy or aptitude to apply statistical rigor to any analysis. Also, quite often you’re dealing with fractions of percentages. Trends are more reliable, and one trend that I’ve noticed is the declining Mac OS market share.


Apple’s iOS six times more popular than Android on the Web

The Android Emulator home screen.
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Apple’s mobile OS boots Linux to become the third-most popular platform for online usage, behind Windows and Mac OS

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is now the third-most popular platform on the Internet, with a share nearly six times larger than Android‘s, a Web measurement company said Wednesday.